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SHP_Early_History_Panel_V1_Page_1_Image_0009The Etching of Marysville by William Forrest and Nicholas Chevalier 

c 1874-76
Courtesy Kerrie Bantick

Marysville is a picturesque town nestled in a valley below Lake Mountain. The local area is known as the “Triangle”, consisting of the towns of Marysville, Buxton, Narbethong, Granton and Taggerty. This area is accessed from Melbourne by driving the Maroondah Highway through the mountain ash and Tree Fern forests of the “Black Spur”.

Much of this area was damaged or destroyed during the Black Saturday fires of 7 February 2009. However, with the assistance of donors, from this event have come a number of initiatives including the Marysville and Triangle Heritage Trail.

There are many ways to experience the history and heritage of Marysville and the surrounding region. A visit to the Marysville Historical Society in Darwin street will allow viewing of historical artifacts photos and discussion with knowledgeable locals about the history of the area.


Stories of the fire and rebuilding are available on line at  "http://www.gomarysville.com/photos.php" or by a visit to the Gomarysville Photo/video exhibition centre, currently at it's winter home, Crystal Journey - Marysville-Buxton Rd.

The Heritage Trail walk is another way to see the history of the town. This brochure can be downloaded to assist your visit to the Trail. Key sites in Marysville and surrounding towns are now marked with interpretative information.

This website is designed to complement the Trail and to capture more of the stories and photos of this area. Please feel free to add to this history. Please send additional information to Vicki Moritz.



The major sponsor of the "Heritage Trail" was the Methodist Ladies’ College, Kew

The sponsor for this website was Deaf Children Australia

Thanks also to additional sponsors The Marysville Community Recovery Committee, Bushwalkers Victoria and Rydell Industrial Belting Pty Ltd

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