The Barton Family


The Barton family, who owned the general store that once stood upon this site, have long been important to Marysville.

Thomas Barton arrived in Melbourne in 1862 and by 1866 he and partner E Cameron had set up a butcher’s and general store on this land, beginning their business by taking supplies to the nearby Woods Point and Jamieson goldfields.

Thomas Barton married Selina Croker in 1865. Tragically, Selina died giving birth to their sixth child on 18 October 1876. Thomas desperately needed someone to help him care for his young family and hired 17-year-old Emily Ada Sparke as a nanny. Emily and Thomas fell in love and two years later they were married. The couple had another 10 children –making 18 in the family!

In 1910, Thomas hired his 14-year-old son Frank to work in the store. Part of Frank’s job was to deliver food, mail, medical supplies, mining tools and explosives to goldminers in the district. He often camped in the bush overnight, chatting with the miners, many of whom had no company as they mined their isolated claims.

Thomas Barton died aged 75 years in 1911, leaving his sons, Fred and Frank, to take over the family business. They changed the name of the store to Barton Bros.

Barton  Barton2

 Thomas Barton                              Emily Ada Barton nee Sparke

Selina Barton

Frank Barton outside Barton's Store

Barton Bros Store 1908

Barton's Stores, c. 1960s

Barton Bros's delivery vehicle, 1951

Barton's Store, c. 1948

Petrol pumps at Barton's Garage, c. 1940


The Bartons expanded their business into transport and Barton Bros Stables took tourists on cab tours of the district. As horses and carriages were replaced by motor vehicles in the 1920s, the Bartons turned their stables into a garage.

After the 1st world war about 1920, fleet of Super 6 Hudsons leaving Main Street for the Beauty Spots

Frank Barton and two of his brothers George and Herbert

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