I just thought, ‘I can’t let this place burn. We have put so much passion, heart and soul into it. The fire’s not going to beat me’. Sometimes I felt I was losing the fight. I remember hiding under the Steavenson River bridge for about forty minutes, with the flames still coming at me under there. I’d had it. I don’t know how I’m still here.'

Greg Cherry, co-owner of Crossways

The 'Crossways' has stood on this site from the early 1920s onwards and has been the home of music, suppers, drinks and dancing ever since.

An eye-catching neon sign on the roof of the Crossways would flash ‘Crossways’ in red then ‘Cabaret’ in blue. It certainly made the building stand out before electric street lights were installed at Marysville!


Crossways Cabaret, c. 1957

[Courtesy Ross Family]

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