‘Welcome’ This is Taungurung Country. The ancestors welcome you.This is the traditional land of the Taungurung – the mountain, valley and river people. A tribe of the Kulin nation, the Taungurung have lived in the Triangle region and travelled to and across the mountains from Healesville to conduct marriage ceremonies, swap food and conduct rituals with neighbouring clans for many thousands of years.

The town of Marysville began as an overnight camp for coaches taking miners along the Yarra Track to the Woods Point, Jordan, Jamieson and Gaffneys Creek goldfields from 1862.  John Steavenson, Assistant Director of Roads and Bridges, named the camp Marysville after his wife Mary when he surveyed the area in the early 1860s. The Steavenson River and Steavenson Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in Victoria, are both named in his honour.

The camp became a village from 1863, as publicans and storekeepers began setting up businesses to cater for the visiting diggers. The Victorian Government held the first official land sales forMarysville in 1864.


Barton Brothers store, 1908

Courtesy Marysville Historical Society

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