The annual picnic sports meeting held at Taggerty in the holiday again proved most successful. A large crowd of tourists and campers enjoyed the numerous and varied events, and later patronised a largely attended ball in the Mechanics’ Institute.


The Argus, 4 January 1928

Taggerty General Store, which remains on the site today, has been the hub of town life since the early days. Although the Store survived major bushfires in 1939 and again in 1969, it burnt down twice from other causes but was rebuilt each time. The Store was again untouched by the devastating fires of Black Saturday, 7 February 2009, in which Taggerty lost 43 homes but fortunately no lives. The town, school and hall were saved by the combined efforts of Emergency Services and ordinary people who stayed behind to defend their property and community.


Taggerty General Store c. 1942

Courtesy of Sandice McAulay & Ray Goss


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